Report on results on the Russian Defence Ministry activities for 2015
Implementation of decrees
of the Russian President
Russian Defence Ministry is actively implementing
the orders of the Russian President.
One of them is implementation of a programme of complex development of the Arctic territories from the Arkhangelsk Region to the Far East, as well as the islands of the North Ocean.

Four military bases have been built on the islands. Construction of an airfield and a military town has started on the Alexandra Land.

Military facilities are being erected on the Islands Kotelny, Wrangel, Sredniy, Novaya Zemlya, the Cape Schmidt, and Alakurtti settlement.

Measures for ecological purification of the Arctic have been taken. There remain 65 thousand tons of scrap metal.
Complex development of the Arctic territories
System of financial control over the budgetary expenses on the State Defence Order
Within the fulfillment of another order, the new system of financial control over the budgetary expenses on the State Defence Order has been developed.

The system allows to assess and minimize the risks of failures to fulfill a contract.
According to another order of the President of the Russian Federation, the Russian Defence Ministry has accomplished the work on reduction of the number of forward-looking samples of armament and military equipment, which have similar features and specifications.

That has increased the quality of maintenance and repairing, the training of the military personnel has become simpler, life cycle of armament has been increased.
Decreasing number of types of the prospective samples of armament, military and special hardware
Uninterrupted water supply of the Crimean population
Upon the order concerning uninterrupted supply of the population of the Republic of Crimea with water, 48 field pipelines with total length of 410 km have been equipped. They delivered about 6 million cubic metres of water.
Tasks on construction of railway in the area of Zuravlevka – Millerovo and reconstruction of the railway in the Republic of Abkhazia are being fulfilled.

The scale and the rate of works carried out by the Railway Troops are the largest ones for the last 25 years.

The volume of the completed work has constituted 4 million cubic metres. In Abkhazia about 30 km of ground area and 24 constructions have been cleared.
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