Development of military construction system
The acceleration of the rate of construction works on erection of special facilities, housing and infrastructure has become the main result of development of the military construction complex.

The introduction of standards and typical projects has allowed to reduce the expenses for a square metre by 5,000 rubles and achieve the price of 32,000 rubles. The total economy has constituted over 5 billion rubles.

Over 600 general infrastructural facilities with the total area of 2,5million square metres have been constructed this year.

Modern technologies reduced by 2 times the time necessary for building of shelters for hardware as well as housing and barracks.
Maintenance costs have been reduced by 30%.

No one missile complex received by the Armed Forces has remained under open sky. New infrastructural basing facilities for submarines have been built for the Russian Navy in Gadzhiyevo and Novorossiysk.

All the works on construction of start positions for the missile complex Angara have been accomplished at the 1st State Testing Cosmodrome.

The building of 22 filling stations is underway. 8 of them are ready, another 3 will become operational in 2016. Oil companies have invested about 12 billions rubles in building and reconstruction of fuel facilities.
The storage conditions of modern missiles and ammunition received under the State Defence Order have been radically changed.

390 storage families have been built in 2014-2015.

In 2016, the construction of another 190 will be finished.

To replace over 300 old bases and depots, the first of 24 modern industrial and logistic complexes is being built in Naro-Fominsk.
After the object is finished the next year, 31 facilities in Moscow and in the Moscow Region will be released.

Replacement of the old bases and depots will allow to release over 50 thousand members of maintenance personnel and reduce the annual expenses for maintenance practically by 2 times.

The annual economy will constitute about 15 billion rubles.
All the means from this optimization will be used to support the current expenses.

The programme "Effective Army" has proved its value.

The cost advantage from transition of 410 boiler stations to gas equipment will constitutes nearly 4 billion rubles annually.

This work will have been done by the year 2020.

Starting from the next year, ammunition containers made of composite materials will be delivered to the troops. Their service life will constitute 50 years. The usage of such containers will reduce costs by a billion rubles annually.

Introduction of automated registration of material resources using modern technologies has been started.
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