Development of social security system for servicemen
This year, solution of problems concerning the social protection of servicemen has become one of the priorities.
For the first time, the Russian Defence Ministry has achieved systematical and scheduled provision of servicemen with permanent housing.

That has been achieved by passing to the housing allowance given to servicemen for buying and building of housing.
Providing permanent housing for servicemen
Providing military service housing
The problem of provision of service housing is practically resolved.

27 thousand people have received service housing.

The increase of renting allowance has become an effective measure that allowed to reduce the amount of those who are in need of service housing by 7 times.
Development of the savings and mortgage system is continued.

In the last four years, the number of its participants has increased by more than 55% and constitutes about 156 thousand servicemen, 50 thousand of them have already bought apartments.
Development of savings and mortgage system
Creation of a the final structure of the medical system throughout all the hierarchy of medical institutions has been completed.
Medical treatment
Military hospitals have received over 2 thousand pieces of medical equipment that has increased the complicated medical assistance by up to 30%.

Over 13 thousand people have received medical treatment this year.

The high level has been reached in disease prevention. As a result, the number of servicemen who have got sick has reduced by 27% in comparison with the precious year.
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