Results of activities for 2015
Combat training building-up
Successful actions in Syria were preceded by tough combat training

Unannounced combat readiness inspections, which had been held since 2013, have made a substantive contribution to the personnel training and readiness for combat actions.

Annually, there are 5 such inspections in average. They involve the whole Armed Forces.

As a result, commanders and staffs of any military district and branch of service are able to regroup at long distances and ready to perform tasks in unfamiliar terrain.

During the "Center-2015" drill, which took place from August 18 to September 20, all the issues of preparation and conduct of combat at the Central Asian strategic direction were fully practiced.
For the first time in 25 years history, the issues of creation and employment of a massive air attack grouping have been practically settled.

At least 150 airplanes participated in the massive air strike.

An 800 men-strong air assault was conducted.

During the drill, force groupings have reaffirmed their readiness and preparedness to guarantee the Russian military security in the region of Central Asia.
Armed Forces control training was conducted in November under the command of the Russian President.

All the issues of complex usage of strategic deterrence forces were practiced during that training.
The following indicators have increased in comparison with 2014:
  • in-flight time of air crews has increased by 10%;
  • time spent by surface ships and submarines at sea by 7%;
  • number of kilometers driven by military drivers by 22%.
  • amount of parachute jumps in the Airborne Forces has increased by a thousand.More than 50% of those jumps were conducted in rough conditions.

Despite an increase in the rates of combat training, the Russian Defence Ministry has not exceeded the limits of the dedicated ammunition, supplies and fuel.
This accomplishment was made possible due to the arming of military equipment with the latest targeting systems, exploitation of UAV's, as well as the increase of number of modern training systems with the subsequent surge in their exploitation.

The increase in the number of munitions for combat training by 5 times has played its role.
Today the ranges of the Military Districts are used all year round.

This year 10 full lifecycle field camps have been delivered to the MD's ranges. The deliveries of such camps will be continued in 2016.

The International Army Games, which were held for the first time, also contributed to the quality improvement of servicemen's individual training

For example, all the pilots involved in the Syrian operation took part in the "Aviadarts" at different stages.

The effectiveness of their work may be assessed by the real change of situation in Syria.
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