Report on results on the Russian Defence Ministry activities for 2015
Ministry of Defence summing up results of activities for 2015
In total, in 2015 the Russian Armed Forces have been maintaining the assigned level of defence capability of the country.
The growth of the main quality and quantity indices
is registered in comparison with the year 2014.

The number of military hardware received under the State Defence Order has increased by 7%.

The equipment of the Russian Armed Forces with modern samples of military hardware has reached 47%.

The integrity of the military equipment has grown by 4%.

There has been created a new high-technology branch in the Russian Armed Forces – the Aerospace Forces, which has ensured the accomplishment of all the defence objectives in the air and in space.

For the first time, the number of contract servicemen (privates and sergeants) has exceeded the number of conscript servicemen.

The amount of cargo transportation in favour of the Russian Armed Forces has grown by 6 times.

After the scheduled provision of servicemen with permanent accommodation, the problem keeping officers at disposal for a long time has been resolved.

Their number has been reduced by 8 times, from 40,000 in 2013 to 5 thousand in 2015. That saved about 33 billion rubles.

The number of servicemen provided with service housing has grown by 23%.

The volume of construction and capital repair have risen by 9%.

The old problem concerning the transition of released military towns has been resolved.
In total, regional and municipal authorities have received 1396 military towns with 56 thousand real estate objects including 525 boiler stations, 40 schools, 439 nursery schools and 244 medical institutions.

About 40,000 members of civil personnel of the Russian Defence Ministry were released, the 2 billion rubles used for maintenance of the military towns were saved.

These measures allowed to bring over 7,500 servicemen involved in ensuring of their security them back to scheduled military training.
Передача имущества высвобожденных военных городков
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