Russian Armed Forces
tasks for 2016
In 2016, the Russian Defence Ministry will deal with a number of priorities defined by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

First of all, the operational strength of the Russian Armed Forces must be increased. Groupings of troops at the Western, South-Western and Arctic strategic directions must be reinforced.
The State Defence Orders of the year 2016 must be placed timely and fulfilled rigorously
Two brigade complexes of Iskander-M missile complexes, two brigade complexes of MLRS Tornado-S, as well as one brigade complex of AA systems Buk-M3 must be delivered to the Land Forces.
Six battalions must be re-equipped with new tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. Over 200 new and modernized aircraft must be delivered to the Aerospace Forces.
Five AA missile regiments must be re-equipped with AA missiles systems S-400.
94 enterprises of the former JSC "Oboronservis" must be taken over by the integrated structures of the Defence and Industrial Complex.
600 general objects of military infrastructure must be built, 142 military towns must be arranged. Equipment of airfields with modern shelter facilities for the aircraft received under the State armament programme must be started.
Implementation of the pilot projects ensuring functioning of the system of military hardware life cycle management must be finished. The scheduled conclusion of life cycle contracts must be started.
Combat strength of Russian Armed Forces will be increase in 2016
In 2016, the combat strength of the Russian Armed Forces must be increased. The staffing level must be at the level of 93%.

The number of contract servicemen must be 384,000 people.
The number of modern samples of military equipment must reach 51%, the integrity of military hardware – 92%.
The material resources must be kept on the normal level.
190 must become operational, that will finish the creation of the system of storage of missiles and ammunition received under the State armament programme.
Practice of complex unannounced combat readiness inspection of formations and military units must be continued and must involve all the military districts and military services of the Russian Armed Forces.

Strategic command-and-staff exercise Caucasus-2016 must be prepared and conducted.
The optimal level of morale in the Russian Armed Forces necessary for performance of assigned tasks must be maintained.
The State Defence Orders of the year 2016 must be placed timely and fulfilled rigorously
Thus, the created conditions will allow the Russian Armed Forces on the strength of the peacetime to ensure the protection of the sovereignty of Russia taking into account the modern challenges and threats.
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